I have a fascination with the particular for all that the culture represents in the world, mainly in the dialogue that the museology is. After transitioning for several cultural institutions, the look was never the same. Possession of knowledge of what the "museology social" planted in the present, I propose in my jobs, the transversality between education and culture with museology as mediation.

Cultural manager, researcher and independent curator since 2003, she specializes in the creation and management of cultural projects for museums and cultural centers. He worked in art galleries and auctions specializing in naive art and as a representative of private collections of art. Has involvement in issues of community activism in and out of Rio Grande do Sul and in Community Communications and Community Media NGOs. Graduated in History and Museology, she specializes in education for diversity and gender diversity in organizations, as well as works on women's rights and the valorization of women's empowerment and the training of young people through democratization and access to information.
Black Brazil Art is a cultural and social production office that wants to change the world. The main purpose of our work is to contribute to social transformation and help improve people's lives. Therefore, it not only advises and creates and produces projects in the areas of education, culture and art. We are dedicated to creating access opportunities through social projects involving entire communities in communication and training, training and creation of digital content, providing cultural spaces and related entities, products and services that involve, educate and inspire. We focus on the transversality of culture, cultural diversity, protection and promotion, local and regional development and the creative economy and sustainability.


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Patrícia Brito

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